Fire Life Safety Audit

What is Fire Life Safety?

Every organization strives to enhance the safety record and reduce the number of injury accidents. However, work related accidents continue to be a problem. Nobody is averse essential component in this regard could be failure in identifying hazards leading to risk exposure. Sometimes organizations don’t do a safety audit, or even if they do, the audit might not be good enough.

What is Fire Life Safety?

Fire is a tragedy no matter how big or small your space, industry, or location is. To ensure safety, you need to ensure any fire-related issues are dealt with swiftly. This helps maintain a sense of calm and security in your workplace. Ensuring life safety is the most essential aspect of all building codes. In India, the 2016 version of the National Building Code (NBC) represents the present state of knowledge on various aspects of building construction, followed by all states in India. Syst with empire is a hazard in any part of the premises regardless of size, sector, or location. Due to its catastrophic heat shut-off, withholding hazardous materials from locations where they could cause spontaneous combustion and/or ignition. nature, successful management of fire safety is essential to ensure a sense of calm in the workplace. Take daily fire precautions and make any required management changes. Reduce the hazard by installing a sprinkler system, using an approved fire alarm

Why your Organization would require Fire & Life Safety (FLS) Audit?

The objective of an FLS Audit is to identify risks and hazards that may cause injury, illness or death.

The main focus of an FLS audit is on the safety and protection of all people inside or outside the building. The audit will also look at any fire hazards that could lead to a fire, as well as any potential risks in the event of a natural disaster. The auditor will be looking at all aspects of the building and its occupants to ensure they are not exposed to any danger.

What are the various steps involved in the FLS Audit process?

The process of FLS Audit is complex. It includes a lot of steps, some of which are:

– Gathering and analyzing data

– Developing a risk profile

– Identifying gaps

– Developing an action plan to mitigate the risks identified

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