Fire Life Safety Audit

Fire & Life Safety Audit for Hospitality Buildings

Safety for both guests and hotels is an important part of the guest experience and maintaining a professional image. To keep your property up-to-date with international safety standards, it’s highly important to have regular safety audits.

Why Fire & Life Safety Audit in Hospitality important?

The success of a hotel is not just measured by the number of guests that it has. It is also measured by how safe the guests are in the hotel. A fire safety audit in a hospitality industry can help to reduce risks and avoid disasters.

A fire safety audit in hospitality industry is an important part of any management system, because it helps to reduce risks and avoid disasters.

Objectives of Fire & Life Safety Audit

The objectives of a fire and life safety audit are to identify potential hazards, determine the compliance level of the organization and make recommendations for improvements.

  • The review of the fire safety policy statement (fire order) identified all significant fire hazards and the people who are at risk from each hazard. The existing control measures were evaluated and the additional control measures required were determined.

  • Examine the availability of a suitable emergency plan detailing the responsibility and action of key personnel

  • Evaluate the passive fire protection systems provided

  • Verifying the records of training imparted to employees and occupants with regards to fire safety

  • Assessing all relevant electrical safety risks

  • Examining the storage and control of flammable and hazardous substances

  • Assessing the existing fire preventive and protective control measures, On-site emergency response plans and fire risk assessment report

  • Analyzing the existing fire prevention systems, emergency plans and risk report will help you know if your business is safe.

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