Fire Life Safety Audit

Fire & Life Safety Audit for Hospitals Buildings

Multi-storeyed hospitals have the following differences in the evacuation of its inmates. A majority of the patients are ambulant or with life-supporting equipment and need external assistance for safe evacuation. Hospitals with multiple floors have different evacuation processes-some patients need external assistance while others are ambulant and could walk down stairs.

Why is Fire & Life Safety Audit so important in hospitals?

Fire and life safety audits are the most important requirement for hospitals. It is a must-have for all healthcare facilities, regardless of size or complexity.

The importance of fire and life safety audit in hospitals cannot be overstated because it is the only way to make sure that the hospital has complied with all the fire safety standards and regulations.

the equipment, materials used for treatment, various hazardous gases like ethylene, chloroform, ether, cyclopropane, and ethyl alcohol, liquid oxygen, used for operation theatres. There are too many peopIn a hospital that specialises in different types of illnesses (for, For example, having a medical emergency in a building where visitors and patients alike are unfamiliar with the layout of the building will make it hard for them to find an escape route.Another risk when hospitals use certain types of equipment is that it can start a fire if not used safely. For example, if an electrical heater is left on unattended or patients are allowed to use their cell phones in a sterile environment, this could cause a fire.ilization plant, presence of a large quantity of Liquid oxygen, LPG supplies always turn small fires into an uncontrollable inferno. Therefore, initiation of fires in hospitals in the absence of fire prevention management is highly possible. Isolating plant, the presence of a large quantity of liquid oxygen & LPG supplies, can turn any small fire into an uncontrollable inferno. As such, starting fires in hospitals without adequate fire prevention management is highly likely.

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