Fire Life Safety Audit

Fire & Life Safety Audit for Shopping Malls

A fire and life safety audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the physical plant and its environment in order to identify potential hazards and risks that may exist.

Fire & Life Safety Audit for Shopping Malls:

The goal of an audit is to assess the condition of all facilities, systems, equipment, and emergency response plans to ensure compliance with all applicable codes, regulations and standards.

Why Fire & Life Safety Audit in Shopping Malls important?

A fire and life safety audit is an assessment of the fire protection system of a building or other structure, as well as its emergency procedures, with the goal of preventing or minimizing the consequences of accidental fires.

The aim of a fire and life safety audit is to ensure that all systems are up-to-date and in compliance with current legislation. This includes:

  • – Fire detection systems
  • – Automatic sprinkler systems
  • – Emergency lighting system
  • – Emergency power supply system
  • – Fire alarm system


Objectives of FLS Audit

The objectives of Fire & Life Safety Audit can be focused on the following:

  • Review of Fire safety policy statement (Fire order)
  • Identify all significant fire hazards
  • Identify the people who are at risk from each hazard
  • Evaluate the existing control measures
  • Determine the additional control measures required
  • Examine the availability of a suitable emergency plan detailing the responsibility and action of key personnel
  • Review the availability of a suitable fire alarm and detection system
  • To determine the people at risk from each hazard, you should identify who can be affected by them. For example, do you have a fully functioning fire alarm and detection system? Take some time to evaluate passive fire protection systems as well.Evaluate the general awareness of occupants and security personnel on matters relating to fire safety and rescue operations
  • We have all been instructed on the basics of fire safety.
  • Measuring compliance with regulationsAssessing all relevant electrical safety risks
  • Inspecting the storage and control of hazardous substances to assess their fire-preventive measures, on-site emergency response plans, and the fire risk assessment report.

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